September 25, 2021

Who is CINEMAX TV . channel

Cinemax is an American premium cable and satellite television network owned by the Home Box Office, Inc. subsidiary of WarnerMedia Studios & Networks Group. Developed as a companion "maxi-pay" service complementing the offerings shown on parent network Home Box Office (HBO) and initially focusing on recent and classic films upon its launch on August 1, 1980, programming featured on Cinemax currently consists primarily of recent and older theatrically released motion pictures, and original action series, as well as documentaries and special behind-the-scenes featurettes.

History CINEMAX TV . channel

In an effort to capitalize on the swift national growth that Home Box Office (HBO) had experienced since it began transmitting via satellite in September 1975, Home Box Office, Inc.—then owned by the Time-Life Television unit of Time Inc.—experimented with a companion pay service to sell to prospective subscribers—including existing HBO customers—with Take 2, a movie-centered premium channel marketed at a family audience that launched on April 1, 1979. The "mini-pay" service (a smaller-scale pay television channel sold at a discounted rate) tried to cater to cable subscribers reluctant to subscribe to HBO because of its cost and potentially objectionable content in some programs. Take 2, however, was hampered by a slow subscriber and carriage growth throughout its just-under-two-year history. By the Spring of 1980, HBO executives began developing plans for a tertiary, lower-cost "maxi-pay" service (a full-service pay channel sold at a premium or slightly lower rate) to better complement HBO. On May 18 of that year, during the 1980 National Cable Television Association Convention, Home Box Office announced that it would launch a companion movie channel, to be named Cinemax. Billed as the cable industry's "first true tier," Cinemax was designed to complement HBO (designated as a higher-tier "foundation [premium] service"), and avoid difficulties associated with bundling multiple "foundation" pay services; it was also intended to act as a direct competitor to The Movie Channel (then owned by Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment, operated as a joint venture between WarnerMedia predecessor Warner Communications and American Express), and Home Theater Network (a now-defunct service owned by Group W Satellite Communications, which focused on G- and PG-rated films and was accordingly marketed toward families), maintaining a movie selection format chosen for their appeal to select audience demographics.

Information List

Cinemax new.png
TypePay television network
CountryUnited States
Broadcast areaNationwide
HeadquartersNew York, New York
  • English
  • Spanish (Cinemáx; also as SAP option on all other channels)
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
(downscaled to letterboxed 480i for the network's SDTV channel feeds)
Timeshift service
  • Cinemax (East / West)
  • MoreMax (East / West)
  • ActionMax (East / West)
  • ThrillerMax (East / West)
  • MovieMax (East / West)
  • 5StarMax (East / West)
  • OuterMax (East / West)
  • Cinemáx (East / West)
ParentHome Box Office, Inc.
Key people
  • John K. Billock (President, HBO U.S. Group)
  • Casey Bloys (President/Head of Programming, HBO/Cinemax)
Sister channels
LaunchedAugust 1, 1980; 41 years ago
Available on all U.S. cable systemsConsult your local cable provider or program listings source for channel availability
DirecTV[note 1]
  • 515, 517, 519–523 (East)
  • 516 (Cinemax West only)
  • 1515 (VOD)
Dish Network[note 2]
  • 307–309 (East only, HD/SD)
Verizon FiOS[note 3]
  • 420, 422, 424, 426, 428–431 (East)
  • 421, 423, 425 (West)
U-verse TV
  • 832–846 (SD)
  • 1832–1846 (HD)
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Available feeds
DirecTV StreamOver-the-top TV
Available feeds
YouTube TVOver-the-top TV
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Streaming media
Cinemax Go
(deprecated)[note 5]
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The Roku Channel [note 6]Over-the-top TV
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